Friday, November 30, 2012

How to Buy a Recliner

                     How to Buy a New Recliner

            Buying a recliner can be one of the most difficult purchases to make.  Most people buy a recliner for comfort, so how do you find one that you can relax in, but also will be right for your home?  There are some factors you should consider before you ever go out to the store.  Just knowing what features you are looking for will make your shopping experience much more pleasant.  

            It’s important to have an idea how you want the recliner to fit in with your style.  Do you need it to have a traditional look, or something more modern?  What kind of space is available in your room?  Many recliners come in wall saver models which require less space away from the wall to recline. Measuring your available space and getting an idea of what you need to fit your room style is a good idea.  Along with that, you’ll need to decide if leather or fabric will work better with your existing furniture.  If possible, bring a cushion or swatch of fabric from your room so the sales person can better help you make the perfect match.

            Who is the recliner for?  You?  Your husband, father, or grandmother?  It’s helpful if the person who is going to be using the chair can go to the store to try it out, but that’s not always practical.  When shopping you need to think of the size of the person who will be using the chair.  Tall, short, big, or small….different size people will fit differently into each chair.  Different people will prefer or require different chair features as well.  Someone who is elderly, or unsteady on their legs may find it easier to get up from a stationary recliner rather than a rocker.  People who have a lot of difficulty getting out of a chair may do better with a lift recliner.  Rockers also can be had with a swivel feature.  Is that a feature the person would want?  Can they get in and out of the chair just fine, but don’t have the strength to recline back easily?  An extension handle or a recliner with a power recline feature may be the perfect fit.

            If you think of all of these things before you shop, you will be able to go into the store with knowledge of what YOU need to make your new recliner fit your home and needs in the best possible way.  Then all you need to do is sit back and relax!  Shop for recliners at Spector Furniture