Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Interior Design Trends for 2015

What's hot in 2015 for your home? With so many people looking to freshen up their style at the start of a new year, or just looking to reorganize their space with some spring cleaning, there are so many fresh new ideas you can use in your own home! Not everyone has a home that's made for HGTV or a design magazine, but what you do with your furniture and home décor can really make a difference in the way that your home looks and feels. Why not freshen up your space with what's trending in 2015.

Top Trends for Home Décor & Furniture in 2015

1. Rustic & Industrial

A lot of people are opting for rustic looking tables such as reclaimed wood or pieces with a more weathered look. Pair this with industrial metal finishes, and you've got the look! A lot of pieces are mixing reclaimed wood with iron or steel finishes to really create this salvaged/industrial type look. A great example of this can be seen here.

2. Bold Prints

Bold prints like chevrons and damask/baroque style prints are bigger than ever. Many people love the look of these bold prints to really make a statement in a room. From accent walls to curtains and rugs, these bold prints really tie a room together!

3. Organized Clutter

Gallery walls are very popular. Many choose to create a gallery wall of family photos, art, or even just bric-a-brac! Gallery walls can be created as an accent wall, to line normally bare spaces (such as stair wells), or even make a hallway look stylish. Tie your gallery wall together with a fabulous mirror, just like this one.

4. What's Old is New Again

Everyone is looking to reclaim vintage pieces to use them as a great accent piece to a room. Vintage pieces can be hard to come by or difficult to restore, so settling for a vintage-style piece, like this writing desk, can really give you the best of both worlds. Many popular styles of vintage furniture include Victorian, mid century modern, and art deco.

5. Mix & Match

Not everyone has taken to using a "matchy-matchy" style. Some people have opted for more modular pieces, as well as mixing and matching furniture of similar styles to create a more eclectic look. Use pieces, like this banquette, to really tie mix and match pieces together. It also makes a great decorative piece or provides additional seating!

No matter what your style is, take some time to freshen up your living space at home. Choose from a number of different styles of furniture here at Spector Furniture!