Friday, July 31, 2015

Storage, Functionality & Your Home

Household storage is something that can often be overlooked until you become aware of your need for more.  It can take so much more than plastic bins to keep your holiday decorations or excess items safe and organized in the basement.  Home storage can incorporate the very furniture you will come to use every day. The same furniture can also become a defining design factor in your home.  But what could be just as, if not more, important than great style?  How about great functionality for those time consuming spaces in your home: the office, the bedroom, and your living/family room.

The Office

If the only thing in your office is a desk and a closet, you may be missing out on a lot of organizational opportunities.  Adding a bookcase to lean against the wall fills out the room and makes for a great way to display your collection while still keeping it neat.  This is not to mention the convenience a roll-around cabinet such as the File Caddy byAmerican Drew can do for your filing needs.  If you are looking for even more filing space, you may want to check out the Rhapsody Lateral File by Hooker.

The Bedroom

Dressers are the obvious go-to for bedroom storage, but they may not always eliminate your storage needs.  Hutches can make great additions and can sometimes even be implemented right onto an existing dresser.  Nightstands like the Studio 7H Encase Nightstand by Hooker are also something not everyone thinks is necessary but can be a major improvement.  Especially if you find yourself getting out of bed often to retrieve items you could just be keeping in the drawer next to you such as your current novel of interest.

The Living Room

Whether you use your living room to display your hobbies or as a family gathering ground, ample storage space is essential for this area.  If style & display is your thing, you may want something like the Side Chair Curio by Butler.  Its two-shelve setup is perfect for storage while its windowed side panels allow your guests to see whatever collection you choose to store inside.  Then, unless a couch set up with an ottoman in front is your style, a cocktail table such as the Clock Cocktail Table is a great way to ensure you always have a place to set your beverages down.

While this obviously isn’t everything you could fill these spaces with, everything mentioned can bring a great amount of functionality to your home.  See all of these and more by visiting Spector Furniture in Ansonia, CT and seeing how many options there really are in our showrooms.  Whether you are from Shelton, Waterbury, or any part of Fairfield, CT, we are just a short drive away!