Monday, November 2, 2015

Choosing the Right Dresser

Take advantage of the clearances we have right now on a selection of youngAmerica dressers, in several sizes and designs.


Settling on a color and aesthetic to your new dresser is obviously a major part of the process, and it’s best to think of the dresser’s potential look in relation to other items in the room that will remain in there for a long time, much like a new dresser would. Considering which colors match or would look pleasant beside other items that will not be leaving that room is a great way to narrow down which colors would work best for a new dresser.
Also, unless this dresser is a temporary fixture, it’s usually best to go for something less of a timely, trendy look, and more of a timeless, classic design. 


When choosing a size for your new dresser, try to pick a size that isn’t too small so the room feels empty, but not so big that the room feels overcrowded. Often times, placing something like newspaper on the floor of the room around other existing furniture will help you visualize how best to fit a new dresser into that space, and will give you a much better sense of space depth of various items and walls in your room.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Preparing for Game Day

Football Season Is Upon Us, Is Your Living Room Ready?

You’ve stocked the fridge with drinks, the grill with food and the big screen is all set up, but is your living room really ready?  Do you have the necessary living room set up to host this week’s big event or are you telling everyone to b.y.o.c. (bring your own chair)?  Your home deserves to be the hot spot that everyone is trying to get into on the weekends right up until the last minute of the next super bowl and should even keep them talking about it until next season!  You might ask: “How am I going to manage that?”  Well with Spector Furniture, we have the insight to help get you started with seating, table space, and the center of attention, the entertainment center.

Have a Proper Seating Arrangement

Don’t be the host who plans to stuff eight friends into one loveseat.  Our suggestion is to look into the fully customizable Spectator Sectional by La-Z-Boy.  You can set this sectional up in a variety of custom arrangements including in a row, an “L” formation, or really any formation in between to fit into your living space.  Its potential doesn’t end there, each seat is capable of reclining (save the “L” attachment) from one end to the other.  Available in a wide selection of fabrics with drink holders and consoles available for the end seats, it won’t fail to impress your guests this season.

Have the Table Space

Being able to set your food and drink somewhere is a major factor in obtaining an enjoyable, comfortable atmosphere.  No one wants to hold their drink for potentially an entire day, so you need to prepare your space with tables, a lot of tables.  Side tables for your sectional, a dining room table to display all of the provisions, and of course the centerpiece of it all, the cocktail table.  In this category we’d recommend a design like the Round Cocktail Table, part of the Miramar Collection by American Drew.  Its simple yet elegant structure and large, round surface makes for a very functional addition to any living room.

The Center of Attention

Your entertainment center is quite literally what everyone will be looking at, above, and around, so you should make sure it adds to the legend that your game day space will become.  Also in the Miramar Collection by American Drew is the Entertainment Wall Complete.   It will match your cocktail table, provide open and covered storage spaces, and all while also providing what you are really after: an aesthetically pleasing view.  Great looking entertainment centers are a staple in providing the living room everyone will remember.

While these are only a few examples, you can come into Spector Furniture for more information on our products perfect for making any game day as comfortable as possible for yourself and your guests.  All of the products mentioned above are also available on our website for in store pick-up as well as delivery.  We serve Stratford, Milford, Shelton, Waterbury, Orange and more towns near the Fairfield, CT area.  You’ll be able to come in and leave with confidence that we’ve helped you select the perfect collection for your home.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Storage, Functionality & Your Home

Household storage is something that can often be overlooked until you become aware of your need for more.  It can take so much more than plastic bins to keep your holiday decorations or excess items safe and organized in the basement.  Home storage can incorporate the very furniture you will come to use every day. The same furniture can also become a defining design factor in your home.  But what could be just as, if not more, important than great style?  How about great functionality for those time consuming spaces in your home: the office, the bedroom, and your living/family room.

The Office

If the only thing in your office is a desk and a closet, you may be missing out on a lot of organizational opportunities.  Adding a bookcase to lean against the wall fills out the room and makes for a great way to display your collection while still keeping it neat.  This is not to mention the convenience a roll-around cabinet such as the File Caddy byAmerican Drew can do for your filing needs.  If you are looking for even more filing space, you may want to check out the Rhapsody Lateral File by Hooker.

The Bedroom

Dressers are the obvious go-to for bedroom storage, but they may not always eliminate your storage needs.  Hutches can make great additions and can sometimes even be implemented right onto an existing dresser.  Nightstands like the Studio 7H Encase Nightstand by Hooker are also something not everyone thinks is necessary but can be a major improvement.  Especially if you find yourself getting out of bed often to retrieve items you could just be keeping in the drawer next to you such as your current novel of interest.

The Living Room

Whether you use your living room to display your hobbies or as a family gathering ground, ample storage space is essential for this area.  If style & display is your thing, you may want something like the Side Chair Curio by Butler.  Its two-shelve setup is perfect for storage while its windowed side panels allow your guests to see whatever collection you choose to store inside.  Then, unless a couch set up with an ottoman in front is your style, a cocktail table such as the Clock Cocktail Table is a great way to ensure you always have a place to set your beverages down.

While this obviously isn’t everything you could fill these spaces with, everything mentioned can bring a great amount of functionality to your home.  See all of these and more by visiting Spector Furniture in Ansonia, CT and seeing how many options there really are in our showrooms.  Whether you are from Shelton, Waterbury, or any part of Fairfield, CT, we are just a short drive away!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Spector Furniture and My Sister's Place Team Up Against Domestic Violence

Throughout the month of June, Spector Furniture is teaming up with local thrift shop and donation center, My Sister's Place, for a special cause. We are kindly asking residents and community members to donate gently used furniture at our Main Street location. All of the donated furniture we receive will be sold at My Sister's Place, with proceeds from those sales directly benefiting The Umbrella Center for Domestic Violence Services.

In exchange for your generosity, we are offering discounts of varying amounts toward new furniture. The trade-in value depends on what type of furniture item you bring in and the condition of the item. Not only will you be recycling old pieces and getting a great deal on new items, you will be supporting a fantastic organization that offers a variety of vital services and programs to victims of domestic violence.

We are also offering free delivery for new purchases and free removal of donated furniture if you live within a 20-mile radius of our location.

As a proud member of the Ansonia community for over 125 years, Spector Furniture is happy to give back in such a meaningful and multi-faceted way. Help BHCare and The Umbrella Center by considering donating or purchasing the collected used items!

Read the full article in New Haven Register News for more information, or call us in-store at 1-800-954-2836.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Personalize Your Home Office Space

There are quite a few aspects to consider when designing your home office. This is a space that should serve you in a practical way, as well as one that you feel comfortable and productive in. Read our five main tips below if you're looking to designate a new workspace in your home, or renew your current one!

 1. Practicality - Looks aren't the only thing that matter when it comes to your furniture! The functionality of your furniture matters a great deal in an office setting. When choosing shelving, a desk, filing cabinets, chairs and more, consider the amount of storage space you'll need, and how all these pieces will fit together.

Spector Furniture offers an incredible variety of home office furniture for you to choose from. Browse through our huge selection of office cabinetry, desk units, chairs, hutches and more!

2. Placement - Organization and openness are key. Even if you're not working with a ton of space, it's important to keep the area as open as possible, conducive to daily traffic patterns and free of clutter. Place your furniture in such a way that allows you to centralize everything you need around your main work station.

Our sales associates can help you select furniture that is cohesive in an aesthetic sense, and the proper size for the room you've chosen. Measuring the room before shopping around is highly suggested.

3. Color Scheme -The right color scheme can greatly affect your mood and productivity. Make sure that you consider the overall color palette of your space. Remember to tie in the color of your walls, furniture, accent decorations, rugs and more. Neutrals and softer hues will promote clarity and calmness, while bright, bold accents will keep the space from looking drab.

4. Lighting - Lighting is imperative, especially in environments where you will be reading, staring at computer screens or doing work that requires concentration. Proper lighting will reduce the chance for eye strain, and will help lift your mood. We have a wide selection of lamps varying in style and height.

5. Accessories - Pick accessories that will make you feel at home! Throw pillows, stylish rugs, plants and wall decor are all items that will bring personality into your space.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Revamp Your Home For Springtime

Spring is a time for both interior and exterior renewal. With the season in full swing, it may be time to revamp your indoor decor or overall design scheme and reorganize yourself. There are plenty of ways add some personal flair through your furniture pieces and home accessories! Read the helpful tips below to get started.

1. It's all about the accents!

Room accents can make a huge difference in a room's overall feel and design cohesiveness. Consider adding a new area rug, colorful/patterned throw pillows or a decorative wall clock. Home accents are made to stand out in a unique way, while also tying into the rest of the design scheme.

2. More storage equals more space.

Better organizing a certain space will immediately change the way you feel about it. Clutter can cause irritation, overwhelming frustration and can be a hazard if located in a high traffic area. Get organized with a sturdy bookcase, office cabinetry or desk!

3. Light up your life!

A well lit room is important to have. Not only does proper lighting serve a functional purpose, it can directly affect your mood while in a particular room. If the room you want to update doesn't have access to a ton of natural light, decorative lamps are a great option. Be sure to consider both size and style when choosing the perfect lamp -- don't necessarily make it the focal point, but do tie it in with the rest of the room.

Spector Furniture in Ansonia, CT offers a wonderful collection of home accessories, desk and storage units, and other high quality furniture to spruce up your space. Stop by our location or browse our website to view more options!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Furniture Organization for Open Floor Plans

Have an open floor plan in your home? Many people have opted to remove walls in their home to have a more open floor plan. This gives many people the ability to see what's going on in a variety of different parts of their homes, as well as bring in a lot of extra light. While this type of floor plan is growing in popularity, many people do find it hard to organize their furniture without a wall to anchor it to. For so long, many people organized their furniture up against a wall or part of a room that wouldn't really be in the way. With an open floor plan, many people are now presented with the issue of trying to organize their furniture without it being in the way. Below are some tips for how to better organize your furniture within an open floor plan.

Tips for Organizing an Open Floor Plan:

  • Walkways are important
Make sure that you are able to walk through your open floor plan with ease. Sometimes people forget to accommodate traveling through each room or how they will navigate through the open floor plan. Don't forget to leave enough space for you to walk through, run a vacuum through, or be able to carry things through. You don't want to get stuck behind a couch with all of your groceries!

  • Creating Storage Solutions
 As space gets opened up, you might lose some closets or other storage options along the way. Once your open floor plan is complete, you might realize you don't have anywhere to put your little odds and ends! Make sure to include storage pieces into your open floor plan such as baskets, storage consoles, hutches and more. This will ensure that everything will have it's place.
  • Dividing up Space
Privacy can definitely be lacking in an open floor plan. In order to create some privacy, try adding some room dividers, or dividing up a room with larger pieces. This will help create a level of privacy while also helping to define the space.

If you have an open floor plan at home, try some of these tips to help rearrange your space. If you need storage solutions or additional furniture, the team at Spector Furniture is here to help.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Interior Design Trends for 2015

What's hot in 2015 for your home? With so many people looking to freshen up their style at the start of a new year, or just looking to reorganize their space with some spring cleaning, there are so many fresh new ideas you can use in your own home! Not everyone has a home that's made for HGTV or a design magazine, but what you do with your furniture and home décor can really make a difference in the way that your home looks and feels. Why not freshen up your space with what's trending in 2015.

Top Trends for Home Décor & Furniture in 2015

1. Rustic & Industrial

A lot of people are opting for rustic looking tables such as reclaimed wood or pieces with a more weathered look. Pair this with industrial metal finishes, and you've got the look! A lot of pieces are mixing reclaimed wood with iron or steel finishes to really create this salvaged/industrial type look. A great example of this can be seen here.

2. Bold Prints

Bold prints like chevrons and damask/baroque style prints are bigger than ever. Many people love the look of these bold prints to really make a statement in a room. From accent walls to curtains and rugs, these bold prints really tie a room together!

3. Organized Clutter

Gallery walls are very popular. Many choose to create a gallery wall of family photos, art, or even just bric-a-brac! Gallery walls can be created as an accent wall, to line normally bare spaces (such as stair wells), or even make a hallway look stylish. Tie your gallery wall together with a fabulous mirror, just like this one.

4. What's Old is New Again

Everyone is looking to reclaim vintage pieces to use them as a great accent piece to a room. Vintage pieces can be hard to come by or difficult to restore, so settling for a vintage-style piece, like this writing desk, can really give you the best of both worlds. Many popular styles of vintage furniture include Victorian, mid century modern, and art deco.

5. Mix & Match

Not everyone has taken to using a "matchy-matchy" style. Some people have opted for more modular pieces, as well as mixing and matching furniture of similar styles to create a more eclectic look. Use pieces, like this banquette, to really tie mix and match pieces together. It also makes a great decorative piece or provides additional seating!

No matter what your style is, take some time to freshen up your living space at home. Choose from a number of different styles of furniture here at Spector Furniture!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Spector Furniture is Celebrating 125 Years of Business

           Spector Furniture is proud to announce our 125th anniversary this year. Our slogan, “dependable since 1890” is still relevant today. While we may not be exactly the same as we were in 1890, we are still happy to be delivering the same quality service and stylish furniture choices to our customers. We are happy to have been providing 125 years of service and quality furniture selections to the Asonia, CT area and the surrounding regions. Our business has always been family owned and locally operated, and we have a vested interest in our community.  We care about our customers and providing our customers with quality furniture that they can count on.

Our focus on customer service and creating a loyal customer base has really kept us going throughout the years. Through number economic depressions and world events, Spector Furniture has always been able to keep our doors open. Our customers know that they can come to Spector Furniture and expect great service, with quality furniture selections. We carry quality brands like La-Z-Boy and Serta Mattresses so that we can provide our customers with the top brand names in furniture today. Why go anywhere else when you can find all of the latest and most stylish choices right at Spector Furniture? With our years of service, we know what our customers are looking for and choose selections that we know they will enjoy.
What does the future hold for Spector Furniture? Well, we like to keep our focus on delivering great customer service, as well as carrying quality furniture brands. That’s something that we will never change. However, now we keep our website updated with our latest furniture selections so that you can shop from the comfort of your own home! The future is bright for Spector Furniture and all of the customers that come and shop with us. If you need new furniture, you know where to go! Spector Furniture looks forward to embracing the future with new furniture selections and new customers along the way. Be sure to stop by our 125th anniversary event on January 18th, 2015! Read more details about the event, available on our website.