Monday, August 31, 2015

Preparing for Game Day

Football Season Is Upon Us, Is Your Living Room Ready?

You’ve stocked the fridge with drinks, the grill with food and the big screen is all set up, but is your living room really ready?  Do you have the necessary living room set up to host this week’s big event or are you telling everyone to b.y.o.c. (bring your own chair)?  Your home deserves to be the hot spot that everyone is trying to get into on the weekends right up until the last minute of the next super bowl and should even keep them talking about it until next season!  You might ask: “How am I going to manage that?”  Well with Spector Furniture, we have the insight to help get you started with seating, table space, and the center of attention, the entertainment center.

Have a Proper Seating Arrangement

Don’t be the host who plans to stuff eight friends into one loveseat.  Our suggestion is to look into the fully customizable Spectator Sectional by La-Z-Boy.  You can set this sectional up in a variety of custom arrangements including in a row, an “L” formation, or really any formation in between to fit into your living space.  Its potential doesn’t end there, each seat is capable of reclining (save the “L” attachment) from one end to the other.  Available in a wide selection of fabrics with drink holders and consoles available for the end seats, it won’t fail to impress your guests this season.

Have the Table Space

Being able to set your food and drink somewhere is a major factor in obtaining an enjoyable, comfortable atmosphere.  No one wants to hold their drink for potentially an entire day, so you need to prepare your space with tables, a lot of tables.  Side tables for your sectional, a dining room table to display all of the provisions, and of course the centerpiece of it all, the cocktail table.  In this category we’d recommend a design like the Round Cocktail Table, part of the Miramar Collection by American Drew.  Its simple yet elegant structure and large, round surface makes for a very functional addition to any living room.

The Center of Attention

Your entertainment center is quite literally what everyone will be looking at, above, and around, so you should make sure it adds to the legend that your game day space will become.  Also in the Miramar Collection by American Drew is the Entertainment Wall Complete.   It will match your cocktail table, provide open and covered storage spaces, and all while also providing what you are really after: an aesthetically pleasing view.  Great looking entertainment centers are a staple in providing the living room everyone will remember.

While these are only a few examples, you can come into Spector Furniture for more information on our products perfect for making any game day as comfortable as possible for yourself and your guests.  All of the products mentioned above are also available on our website for in store pick-up as well as delivery.  We serve Stratford, Milford, Shelton, Waterbury, Orange and more towns near the Fairfield, CT area.  You’ll be able to come in and leave with confidence that we’ve helped you select the perfect collection for your home.