Monday, January 12, 2015

Spector Furniture is Celebrating 125 Years of Business

           Spector Furniture is proud to announce our 125th anniversary this year. Our slogan, “dependable since 1890” is still relevant today. While we may not be exactly the same as we were in 1890, we are still happy to be delivering the same quality service and stylish furniture choices to our customers. We are happy to have been providing 125 years of service and quality furniture selections to the Asonia, CT area and the surrounding regions. Our business has always been family owned and locally operated, and we have a vested interest in our community.  We care about our customers and providing our customers with quality furniture that they can count on.

Our focus on customer service and creating a loyal customer base has really kept us going throughout the years. Through number economic depressions and world events, Spector Furniture has always been able to keep our doors open. Our customers know that they can come to Spector Furniture and expect great service, with quality furniture selections. We carry quality brands like La-Z-Boy and Serta Mattresses so that we can provide our customers with the top brand names in furniture today. Why go anywhere else when you can find all of the latest and most stylish choices right at Spector Furniture? With our years of service, we know what our customers are looking for and choose selections that we know they will enjoy.
What does the future hold for Spector Furniture? Well, we like to keep our focus on delivering great customer service, as well as carrying quality furniture brands. That’s something that we will never change. However, now we keep our website updated with our latest furniture selections so that you can shop from the comfort of your own home! The future is bright for Spector Furniture and all of the customers that come and shop with us. If you need new furniture, you know where to go! Spector Furniture looks forward to embracing the future with new furniture selections and new customers along the way. Be sure to stop by our 125th anniversary event on January 18th, 2015! Read more details about the event, available on our website.