Friday, May 29, 2015

Personalize Your Home Office Space

There are quite a few aspects to consider when designing your home office. This is a space that should serve you in a practical way, as well as one that you feel comfortable and productive in. Read our five main tips below if you're looking to designate a new workspace in your home, or renew your current one!

 1. Practicality - Looks aren't the only thing that matter when it comes to your furniture! The functionality of your furniture matters a great deal in an office setting. When choosing shelving, a desk, filing cabinets, chairs and more, consider the amount of storage space you'll need, and how all these pieces will fit together.

Spector Furniture offers an incredible variety of home office furniture for you to choose from. Browse through our huge selection of office cabinetry, desk units, chairs, hutches and more!

2. Placement - Organization and openness are key. Even if you're not working with a ton of space, it's important to keep the area as open as possible, conducive to daily traffic patterns and free of clutter. Place your furniture in such a way that allows you to centralize everything you need around your main work station.

Our sales associates can help you select furniture that is cohesive in an aesthetic sense, and the proper size for the room you've chosen. Measuring the room before shopping around is highly suggested.

3. Color Scheme -The right color scheme can greatly affect your mood and productivity. Make sure that you consider the overall color palette of your space. Remember to tie in the color of your walls, furniture, accent decorations, rugs and more. Neutrals and softer hues will promote clarity and calmness, while bright, bold accents will keep the space from looking drab.

4. Lighting - Lighting is imperative, especially in environments where you will be reading, staring at computer screens or doing work that requires concentration. Proper lighting will reduce the chance for eye strain, and will help lift your mood. We have a wide selection of lamps varying in style and height.

5. Accessories - Pick accessories that will make you feel at home! Throw pillows, stylish rugs, plants and wall decor are all items that will bring personality into your space.