Monday, November 2, 2015

Choosing the Right Dresser

Take advantage of the clearances we have right now on a selection of youngAmerica dressers, in several sizes and designs.


Settling on a color and aesthetic to your new dresser is obviously a major part of the process, and it’s best to think of the dresser’s potential look in relation to other items in the room that will remain in there for a long time, much like a new dresser would. Considering which colors match or would look pleasant beside other items that will not be leaving that room is a great way to narrow down which colors would work best for a new dresser.
Also, unless this dresser is a temporary fixture, it’s usually best to go for something less of a timely, trendy look, and more of a timeless, classic design. 


When choosing a size for your new dresser, try to pick a size that isn’t too small so the room feels empty, but not so big that the room feels overcrowded. Often times, placing something like newspaper on the floor of the room around other existing furniture will help you visualize how best to fit a new dresser into that space, and will give you a much better sense of space depth of various items and walls in your room.