Thursday, March 5, 2015

Furniture Organization for Open Floor Plans

Have an open floor plan in your home? Many people have opted to remove walls in their home to have a more open floor plan. This gives many people the ability to see what's going on in a variety of different parts of their homes, as well as bring in a lot of extra light. While this type of floor plan is growing in popularity, many people do find it hard to organize their furniture without a wall to anchor it to. For so long, many people organized their furniture up against a wall or part of a room that wouldn't really be in the way. With an open floor plan, many people are now presented with the issue of trying to organize their furniture without it being in the way. Below are some tips for how to better organize your furniture within an open floor plan.

Tips for Organizing an Open Floor Plan:

  • Walkways are important
Make sure that you are able to walk through your open floor plan with ease. Sometimes people forget to accommodate traveling through each room or how they will navigate through the open floor plan. Don't forget to leave enough space for you to walk through, run a vacuum through, or be able to carry things through. You don't want to get stuck behind a couch with all of your groceries!

  • Creating Storage Solutions
 As space gets opened up, you might lose some closets or other storage options along the way. Once your open floor plan is complete, you might realize you don't have anywhere to put your little odds and ends! Make sure to include storage pieces into your open floor plan such as baskets, storage consoles, hutches and more. This will ensure that everything will have it's place.
  • Dividing up Space
Privacy can definitely be lacking in an open floor plan. In order to create some privacy, try adding some room dividers, or dividing up a room with larger pieces. This will help create a level of privacy while also helping to define the space.

If you have an open floor plan at home, try some of these tips to help rearrange your space. If you need storage solutions or additional furniture, the team at Spector Furniture is here to help.

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