Thursday, April 23, 2015

Revamp Your Home For Springtime

Spring is a time for both interior and exterior renewal. With the season in full swing, it may be time to revamp your indoor decor or overall design scheme and reorganize yourself. There are plenty of ways add some personal flair through your furniture pieces and home accessories! Read the helpful tips below to get started.

1. It's all about the accents!

Room accents can make a huge difference in a room's overall feel and design cohesiveness. Consider adding a new area rug, colorful/patterned throw pillows or a decorative wall clock. Home accents are made to stand out in a unique way, while also tying into the rest of the design scheme.

2. More storage equals more space.

Better organizing a certain space will immediately change the way you feel about it. Clutter can cause irritation, overwhelming frustration and can be a hazard if located in a high traffic area. Get organized with a sturdy bookcase, office cabinetry or desk!

3. Light up your life!

A well lit room is important to have. Not only does proper lighting serve a functional purpose, it can directly affect your mood while in a particular room. If the room you want to update doesn't have access to a ton of natural light, decorative lamps are a great option. Be sure to consider both size and style when choosing the perfect lamp -- don't necessarily make it the focal point, but do tie it in with the rest of the room.

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